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What is an Access Energetic Facelift?


What if it was possible to look and feel younger without surgery, injections, needles or any trauma to your body.


Access Energetic Facelifts are a powerful yet gentle hands on body process that can activate your body’s natural healing capacity by creating transformation on the cellular level.


Access Energetic Facelift is a non-invasive way to wonderfully reverse the signs of aging and rejuvenate your face.

What Happens During A Facelift Session?


During an Access Energetic Facelift, I will run over 30 different energies throughout your body by gently touching your decolletage, neck, face and

head area for one hour.


These energies eliminate the stressors on your body

that create the signs of aging.


Through this simple, yet powerful, non invasive energetic facelift where I gently touch your decolletage, neck, face and head area for one hour, you can begin the journey toward looking and feeling younger, rejuvenated and more confident today.




I Work With Two Types of Clients.

Clients who want to look beautiful and younger...

  • Access Energetic Facelift Session 60 Minutes $125
  • Access Energetic Facelift Session 90 Minutes $170

All Sessions are by appointment only and must be scheduled by TEXTING 915 300 4595.


Please Text Your Full Name and whether you would like to schedule

an appointment or, if you have further questions, text to schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation. 


I am available Monday through Sunday 10 am to 4pm. 

Schedule Your Appointment Today. 

How Do I Schedule My Appointment ?








My name is Patricia Maese and I love looking amazing.


Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars on top brand face creams, both

prescribed and designer brand, all to look my very best!


I work hard and I love spending my money on pampering myself every chance I get.

I spent a lot of time out in the sun, my career is also very demanding

and as a result I was developing deep wrinkle lines on my forehead which

no face cream, prescription or otherwise was able to remove.


My jowls and neck were beginning to sag and that was a big no no for me.

But after only one sixty minute treatment I looked years young and after just three treatments, angelica has completely removed my deep wrinkles, crowsfeet and lifted my neck.


Now I look amazing!


My face is glowing, healthy, radiant and all without the trauma and cost of surgery, botox or chemicals. 

Angelica Freyá is the best investment I ever made to my beauty regiment. She is the very best !

View_rece 2.jpg

“Angelica Freyá is the best investment I ever made to my beauty regiment.
She is the very best ! ”

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